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Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

Knowing how your medications are impacting your health and what you can do to optimize their benefits can be achieved through Medication Therapy Management.

In an effort to help every patient get optimal outcomes for their drug therapy, Greenfield Compounding Pharmacy offers Medication Therapy Management services to our customers. With this service, we aim to help our patients attain their health goals and enable them to live healthier and longer lives.

Medication Therapy Management consists of the following:

  • patient assessment
  • comprehensive medication review
  • development of a personalized medication treatment plan
  • safety monitoring of the medication therapy
  • patient education and monitoring for medication adherence
  • documentation of patient outcomes and submission of these results to prescribing physicians for evaluation

We strive to ensure that you are getting the best treatment available. Visit our location today to talk to our pharmacist about Medication Therapy Management or call 760-842-1700 for more details.